Missouri River September 23-28 2013

Re: Missouri River September 23-28 2013

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September 28 2013

I have the freedom in my line of work to pick and choose days off and had used the weather forecast to select a string of sunny days and it worked out very well: the rain moved in later but I was all packed up and ready to hitch a ride.

The door at Cooper's Landing shows how high the water was back in 1993.
I estimate the water was 40' :!: higher than normal.

And earlier this year.
Whoever owns this place is more resilient than I am... I guess they just reckon being flooded every decade or two is part of doing business.

Turned around from the front door zoomed in back up the river; rain clouds are heading this way.

A good view of the wing dikes. It occurs to me as I post this these are atypically on the outside of the bend.

The Katy Trail runs right by here: you'll see lots of bicyclists.

This cute little bugger (sorry) hitched a ride on a Folbot bag. I think his real little beady eyes are the ones on the bottom.
I gave him to a young boy who initially was treating him with admiration and respect... hope it ended well for both of them. ;)

This was the most useful info resource I had - got it from the State of Missouri. That paper is sturdy: it survived several days of being perpetually damp and is barely the worse for wear. If you want one I have an extra... and if you order from the State plan well ahead as it took them several weeks to get it to me although they made up it for by sending me another one later.

Ruby: The Very Good Dog Of Cooper's Landing.
She's both beautiful and well behaved.

These were the only two paddlers I saw during the entire trip and there really weren't all that many recreational power boaters, either: this river remains largely devoid of people, at least at this time of year.
Does anyone else see Puddleglum? :oops:

The last notable Water Street I saw was in St. Johns Newfoundland earlier this year.

All That In That!

And my last campmate says toodle-oo!
16 seconds

Go while you... well, you know.
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